Disaster support groups

The following are UK examples illustrating different types of disaster support groups.

They have been selected to highlight the variations in type of ‘disaster’ (e.g. single/multiple incidents, and collective trauma events across time) and memberships (bereaved, survivors, mixed).

September 11 UK Families Support Group 
An incident specific family association founded and made up of bereaved family members in the UK affected by the September 11 2001 terror attacks. 

Disaster Action
A charity formed by and for survivors and bereaved people from UK and overseas disasters. Its members have personal experience of disasters, including rail, air and maritime as well as natural disasters and terrorist attacks in the UK and overseas.

FACK (Families against Corporate Killing)
Launched in 2006 by families of those killed by work. FACK offers information, support and advocacy to families bereaved through work-related death related to negligent employers

Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance
A support group formed by survivors of the 1989 Hillsborough Stadium Disaster to provide mutual support and friendship for all those who continue to suffer from their experiences of the tragedy and since.

Factor 8
A non-profit organisation wholly comprised of the victims and families impacted by the Contaminated Blood Scandal in the UK from the 1970s onwards. 

MACSAS (Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors)
A support group for women and men from Christian backgrounds who have been sexually abused by Ministers or Clergy, as children or as adults.

COVID-19 Bereaved Families for Justice
A group, of over 6000 people in the UK personally bereaved by Covid-19 campaigning for lessons to be learned in order to save lives of those impacted by current and future pandemics.